Hole in One Contest Rules:
TO PLAY: Any player that makes a minimum contribution/donation per the event day rates will receive one (1) chance on either: the 160 yards Women / 170 yards Men tees to play for $10,000 cash (Hole In 1). $5,000 will go to the player, $5,000 will go to the charity.
NUMBER OF PLAYERS/SHOTS: A “shot” is defined as a stroke by the USGA Rules of Golf taken by an officially registered player in the specific Tournament listed in the Certificate. Only one shot per player per target hole is permitted. No practice shots or mulligans, or substitute shots for other players are permitted on the Target Hole(s). Each category of authorized number of players (shots) is permitted only during the stipulated round(s) of the Tournament on the Date(s) specified in the Certificate.
WITNESSES: All witnesses must be 18 years of age or older and appointed by the association member. For all prize limits, two (2) playing partners of the winner are required as witnesses along with the following: Prize limits of $2,000 to $59,999, one witness must be stationed at the Tee and one witness must be stationed adjacent to the Green for two (2) to equal four (4) total witnesses. All witnesses, regardless of the size of the prize, must be able and must observe the ball going into the cup from their vantage point at the hole. If a hole in one occurs it must in the verifiable presence of witnesses as specified above, otherwise USHIO shall have no obligation to pay the prize value, or any portion thereof, to the association member.
YARDAGE: The Target Hole(s) will measure from Tee to Flagstick, no less than the specified yardage on the Certificate. Women may shoot at the Target Hole(s) at a distance of up to fifteen (15) yards less than the men. In no event may the yardage for the Grand Prize Hole be less than 150 yards for men/135 yards for women. All bonus Prize Shots must be taken from a minimum of 130 yards for men and 115 yards for women. USHIO is not obligated to reimburse its members for a prize, or any portion thereof, if the actual yardage
of a hole in one is less than the yardage specified on the Certificate.
PRIZE RESTORATION: Unless otherwise specified, the Prize Value is automatically restored to its original value for each and every hole in one. The Prize Value does not restore for Prize Values of $100,001 or greater.
TARGET HOLE(S):  Only one predesignated hole (cup) may be used on the Target Green. No claim can be made under this
agreement, unless the hole in one is achieved during the scheduled Tournament on the Date(s), Hole#(s), Yardage(s) and Prize Value(s) specified in the Certificate. USHIO will provide bonus hole in one prizes for additional par 3 holes during tournament events only. The standard bonus prizes include a set of Callaway Golf Irons, a Sharp Flat Panel LCD Television, and 2 Roundtrip Airline Tickets in the Continental U.S. Bonus prizes are subject to availability and are subject to change. Winners may choose to accept a cash value of $500 for a standard bonus prize if for any reason they do not want the prize for that hole.
CLAIM NOTIFICATION: Immediate telephone and written notice by the association member to USHIO is required no later than the first business day after the event.
PROOF OF CLAIM: The association member will furnish USHIO with the following within 30 days of the contest date:
– Attested statements by the target hole witnesses, the winner, the contest director/chairman, and all playing partners (forms will furnished by USHIO).
– Original and official scorecard of the winner signed by the winner and playing partners (tournament formats only).
– Original pairing sheet documenting the name, telephone numbers (if requested by USHIO) and amateur or professional status of all pre-registered contestants.
– If applicable, a continuous, unedited videotape shot from behind the green of all shots to win the prize.
INVESTIGATION: Upon receipt of the proof of claim, USHIO reserves the right to conduct a reasonable investigation, including but not limited to requiring the association member to produce the winner and witnesses for a polygraph exam as a condition to reimbursement of the prize if in the sole opinion of USHIO such an exam is warranted by the facts.
EXCLUSIONS: USHIO will not reimburse its association members for a prize resulting directly or indirectly from: 1) any contravention of the contest rules and regulations or any other
condition or warranty of the agreement by any contest participant making a claim for a prize; 2) association members errors or omissions.


Hole in Two Contest Rules:
*THIS IS NOT a competition or beat the pro against Professional Long Drive Golf Entertainer.
*Long Driver will make a short presentation about charity/foundation for each group participating in event.
*There is no obligation to donate on entertainer’s hole.
*Long Driver will hit 1-2 golf balls per group.
*Any Group/Team that makes a minimum contribution/donation on entertainers Par 5 Hole will win a chance for a $5,000.00 trip to the Pebble Beach Resort for two people if 2nd shot is holed out from 100-150 yards. (Hole In 2)
*Hole in two (2) valid only at  #1.
*Charity Golf International LLC requests (2) Volunteers on entertainers hole. (1) Volunteer to collect contributions/donations on the tee box from participants and (1) volunteer in the fairway to witness (Hole In 2) Pebble Beach Trip.